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Introducing Stitch Freak

So, here’s a thing. I’ve decided, after a lot of internet soul-searching, that I am now putting Gypsy Mind on hold (sniff) in order to pursue a new and fervent passion…stitchery of all kinds.

I’ll do that here, at Stitch Freak, where I will officially freak out about all things textile.

It’s not that I don’t absolutely adore Gypsy Mind. I just need a new platform from which I can gush over this developing obsession. I still care about design, home interiors, great art and photography, changing the world for the better….oh god, I’m about to talk myself out of it.

But, I’ve decided to narrow my focus. That’s all, really. I’ll probably come back here to post when I feel particularly inspired. But, from now on, I’ll primarily be freaking out over stitchery and related topics here.

I even kept the look the same, for those of us (uh, me) who may be having trouble transitioning. And I’ll keep some of the same categories, especially Life at the Castle and Q&A.

I may cry. It’s like the last episode of MASH all over again.

Thanks, everyone, for the success you’ve made of Gypsy Mind. From the bottom of my heart.

Gypsy Mind: Embroidery

Love, love, love, Shannon


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Work that updo


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Some boho hair love. The title is a reference to this hilarity, an oft quoted Mad TV segment in our house of characters. I just thought these looks were so perfect for the spring-y weather around here. Fantastical, sure. But perfect.

Gypsy Mind: Bobo haircolumn 1: head scarf, head band, Taylor Swift
column 2: flowers, updo, feathers

And can we all just agree that T-Swift can rock some flowery boho hair?

xoxo, Shannon

Well-dressed walls


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Since we haven’t painted all (or most) of the rooms at the Castle, I’m loathe to put up a bunch of art. I mean, more holes to fill in the plaster? ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m thinking of my future. But I like to dream about the things that will one day adorn the space above the mantel, or the wall across from our bed. It’s not that we don’t hang anything on the walls. One must live with art for one’s own good. I mean. So, there are a few bits of artsy goodness on our living room walls and in other spaces that still need a paint job.

Anwho, here are some thoughts. Thoughts for the future.

Gypsy Mind: Well-dressed wallsSources: tapestry, trinkets, fancy

xoxo, Shannon

Makin’ bunnies


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Gypsy Mind: bunnies

I finished these little bun buns in time for Easter but—bad me—forgot to share. They are very sweet, made of an array of patchy fabrics, new and vintage. I am definitely a details girl. My favorite part is adding the embellishments. That seems to be true of whatever I make.

Oh, a plug for two great places to purchase said embellishments…

Who Knows What is a massive and wonderful collection of bits and bobs. Glass beads, flowers, bits of trim. If you like browsing the “littles” at thrift and antique stores, you’ll like this shop.

Vintage Green  Leaf Shaped Cabochon

Also, The Gilded Bee offers a host of paper trim, ribbon, colorful yarns, paper butterflies, and fabric flowers. This place is a treat.

Merlot Red Vintage paper lace Ribbon/ trim - for gift wrapping, altered art, scrapbooking, decorating, weddings, party supply, holiday

Oh—the bunnies will go into the shop in July. They are part of a series of about 13 of all different colors and styles.

xoxo, Shannon


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