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Well, I’m not certain it gets more glamorous than Lena Horne, star of stage and screen from the mid-thirties up til the eighties. Unless, of course, you could count some of the other equally fabulous stars of Old Hollywood.

Lena, first recognized for her beauty and lithe limbs, got her start at the famed Cotton Club, then moved on to MGM, and sang in night clubs around the world. She’s been on my mind lately because I’m reading this:

Barnes and Noble

 It’s wonderfully written, details Lena’s personal struggles, entrance into showbiz, and the struggles she faced as one of the pioneering black screen stars of her time. And one can’t write about Lena without commenting on her hallmark fabulosity. Here are a few goodies inspired by the lovely Miss Lena Horne.

Vintage-inspired champagne gown

Steve Madden Emele Heel in gold

Rhinestone encrusted bobby pins

Satin Clutch

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xoxo, Shannon