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Lately, I’ve been taken with the idea of collecting. As a kid, I collected little figurines (ceramic dogs, miniature dolls, you name it), baseball cards, and a kid favorite, rocks of all shapes and sizes.

My tastes have matured a little and now I’ve got a couple of running collections including vintage linens, vintage postcards (I buy the ones that are written on – they’re so much more interesting when they come with a story), and Buddha figurines.

I have one tin replica 1950s robot that greets people from a shelf in the entry way. And, I want more. Because, robots are cool. My infatuation began with a trip to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago to visit some friends.

We visited the Carnegie Science Center and their Robotics exhibit. It was 2,500 square feet of techie bliss. Two of my favorite features included a robotic arm that would shoot hoops with visitors and life-size Star Wars robots R2D2 and C3PO.

A portion on the history of robots in the movies spoke to my design sense. I love the idea of 50s middle-Americans and their fascination with futuristic robots coming to take over the world (did you see The Day the Earth Stood Still?). In honor of that, I present a modern take on collecting robots (tin toy robots and otherwise). And, check out this amazing collection of toy robot heads. Wow.
Enjoy! (As always, click on the pics for sources.)
xoxo, Shannon

from the Keep Calm Arsenal

Gort replica

classic tin toy replica

vintage toy robot cinch sack

Robot Alpha print

robot lamp

from Land of Nod

box art

art from Eric Joyner