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It’s kind of a dreary Monday here. There are little chunks of ice falling from the perma-cloud. That’s the Midwest in February for ya’. I’m going to spin it though and call it cozy. A gray, cold afternoon is perfect for curling up on the couch with a good book, watching a movie, and taking a nap. (Sometimes, when I read lying down, I fall asleep and drop the book. At our house that’s called a little case of book-in-face.)

I’m not doing any of those things today because I’m working. But I thought I’d take a break to share some gray Monday inspiration with all of you lovely people. Some very talented people have done some fantastic things in their homes with gray paint – light, dark, and every shade in between. My favorite is a slate gray and I’m tempted to paint the whole living room that color.

Below is a little cozy, gray collage for you. (Click pics for sources.)
Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by Gypsy Mind!
xoxo, Shannon