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Has this come to your city yet?

He’s brilliant, British, and quite possibly the most jovial stylist dealing in Hollywood hair. Certainly, he’s among the most famous. Vidal Sassoon has been everywhere lately promoting a new autobiographical film, Vidal Sassoon, The Movie: How One Man Changed the World with a Pair of Scissors.

I have to be honest, I didn’t know much about him until I heard him on NPR’s Fresh Air a couple weeks ago. And he was absolutely charming! Most entertaining were his stories of cutting the hair of famous people like Mia Farrow before her filming of Rosemary’s Baby.

The film features interviews with the likes of Mary Quant and John Frieda, as well as Sassoon’s family and friends.

Here he is with Mary Quant:

from The Telegraph

And on set with Mia Farrow:

via Cinema Style

(Incidentally, Cinema Style is a fantastic place to salivate over movie sets and fashion.)

Here’s an interview with Sassoon that I happened to catch on TV. I had to put down my taquitos, he was that engaging.

And check out “Fresh Hair” on Fresh Air. My favorite excerpt from the interview is about giving Nancy Kwan her signature look for The World of Suzy Wong.

“She had almost 4 feet of hair, and being rather small, she almost sat on it. So you had to be very careful when you put your hands through her hair; otherwise, you’d be feeling parts of her bottom, and that would not have done.” (via NPR)

via Movie Market

I pretty much can’t wait to see the film. The closest showing is in Chicago, which I doubt I’ll get to. But I hope a bunch of you folks in Chicago, NYC, and LA will go see the film and report back until I get my chance via Netflix.
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