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Aside from indulging in an Austen obsession – I’m not gonna’ lie – I’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs. I’m addicted to the hilarity – Dr. Cox’s sarcasm, the slapstick humor, and of course, the world’s most giant doctor.

Inspiration comes from odd places sometimes. As I watched some episodes from season four last night, I recalled a popular design trend (of course) – medical design. Sounds strange (and clinical), but I don’t know what else to call it. Lately, eye charts and enamelware surgical trays are showing up in home design schemes. My favorites are a mix of modern and vintage – I thought I’d share a few examples and resources with you. 

Wouldn’t doctors’ offices be happier with these fun colors in them instead of the usual mauve and country blue?

Modern magazine rack
Eye chart pillow
Rolling stool

Leather doctor bag
Apothecary jars
Modern waiting room seating
Stethoscope print

Modern industrial task lighting
Vintage 50’s surgical tray
Vintage medical cabinet (How cool is this?! I can see it in the bathroom stacked with linens, or even in our library as a display case.)

Why would you want your space to look like a doctor’s office? Well, you wouldn’t – or at least, I wouldn’t. But I do love the idea of a wall magazine rack, a rolling stool at my writing desk, and some of those gorgeous apothecary jars for vintage appeal in the bathroom. Like I said, inspiration comes from odd sources sometimes. Here are a few examples of medicine-inspired decor incorporated into modern spaces.

Rehab Vintage

Time Worn Style

The Modern Mormon Mom


Love and Lavendar


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