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I took up cross-stitch several months ago when I realized the craft had been hijacked by the cool kids and was no longer your grandma’s needlework. I like something a little more modern than the country sampler in my stitching.  And I like cross-stitching and embroidery in general because it’s an accessible craft for those of us who can’t draw or paint worth a darn. I speak for myself here.

Besides, when I walk into the embroidery section at the craft store, I drift off into a happy place where all is colorful. I love those bins of string. So, in addition to creating my own cross-stitch pieces, I’ve become infatuated with others’ and have found some great pieces worthy of starting a collection.

Like these from steotch:

Or this from Wee Little Stitches:

Too kitschy? How about some inspiration?

From Fun With Needles:

These are from Ruggles Stitch:

This awesomeness is from the Tiny Modernist:

And from Wall Work:


Linens via Remodelista:

See? Not your granny’s cross-stitch. Thanks for stopping by!