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Even the, ahem, powder room needs attention now and again. I’ve always dreamed of a rustic farmhouse-style bathroom with a giant soaking tub, lots of sunlight, shelves filled with bath beads and salts, and plush towels. Ahhhh…But everyone has their preferences. The point is that the bathroom can be a stylish extension of the rest of your home. Here are three round-ups that’ll get you started.

Soft and Soothing

1. bamboo ladder
2. etched mirror
3. Noble Pheasant shower curtain
4. antiqued ivory wall hooks
5. DKNY bath accessories
6. Kusaki Puff Towels
7. Fortune Cookie Bath Fizzies
8. cedar candle
9. Plush Pile bath rug
10. seagrass storage baskets
11. English Creek Gardens apothecary jars

On the other hand, it’s fun to add some humor to a room that encourages not just long soaks in the tub, but uh, taking care of business, as it were. These are from Urban Outfitters, whose bathroom humor never fails to amuse.

1. owl toothbrush holder
2. guess what the other side says
3. shower cap (comes in six different styles)
4. pockets shower curtain
5. bath mat
6. bandaids

Mod Style

1. bath mat
2. pop grid towel collection
3. mod shower curtain
4. towel rack
5. digital scale
6. toothbrush mug
7. cosmetic mirror
8. Marimekko shower curtain

What do you think? Rustic, contemporary, tongue-in-cheek–a combination of all three? Or is there a style you favor more? Happy decorating!
xoxo, Shannon