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The title of this post would make a great romance novel title, no? Sorry, this one’s actually about textiles, namely velvet. Last night I was browsing through some of the other design blogs I follow (see ever-expanding blogroll to the right) when I came across this:

I called out to the tall guy, “Why don’t we have a velvet sofa?” which was met with this response, “Yeah, you should really get on that.”

Indeed. Does anything say luxury like soft velvet? Well, diamonds, fancy vacations, and expensive cars, sure. But for affordable luxury, velvet is an easy winner. It’s soft, often richly hued, and comes in all shapes and styles.

Check out this gorgeousness. (Click pics for sources.)










The velvet sofa isn’t really the all star in the last photo, but I couldn’t resist including it. That wall of photos is amazing.

Side note: here’s some good advice on caring for velvet. Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Shannon