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Outdoor spaces are important extensions of our homes – take it from me. I live in a 100 year-old plus Victorian home in an historic neighborhood. Though we have a corner lot, our yard is roughly the size of three ping pong tables if you line them up at odd angles. Which would be great for beer pong now that I think about it. Nope, actually, the yard is slanted.

The point is, our yard may be tiny, but we have two, count ’em two, lovely porches. Both need some work, as does most of the exterior of our house, but I cannot wait to design the most perfect, relaxing perching spot.

The list in my head includes, so far: potted plants, patio furniture, rugs, and hanging lanterns. Here’s a little brainstorm.

Wildflower Enamel chair, Windsor Pinks window box, Alberino lanterns, scalloped planters, Gaiam rug, Taza Round outdoor table

I doubt I’ll get away with such a feminine motif. Here’s another idea.

lantern, Simple Spring container, Sundial outdoor pillows, patio side table, Brazilian teak swing

What would you add to the list?

Here’s a little porch/patio/deck inspiration. (Click pics for sources.)

(Yep, that’s outside.)





Come oooon, summer!
xoxo, Shannon