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Speaking as I was this week of outdoor decor, I happened upon a bunch of great resources recently. Among the fun things that stood out were a lot of cool, modern wind chimes. Wind chimes weren’t even on my list of outdoor design ideas, but I’ve added them since. Here’s what I found.

Hanging wind chimes:

row 1 (l to r): Royce lighting chime, Aloha Chime, Zen Temple metal chime, Moonlight Waves chime
row 2 (l to r): Bobbing Elephant bamboo wind chime, Wind Spirit fused glass wind chimes, shell wind chimes

Standing wind chimes:

row 1 (l to r): Kirkland’s standing chime, art deco clock chime
row 2: (l to r): Tibetan chimes, Feng Shui fountain chime, 6-rod metal chime


My search also led me to a fantastic etsy shop, Botanicraft, where I came across some beautifully made porcelain chimes and mobiles.

Gorgeous, no?

If you’re feeling crafty, I thought this was a fun guide for making your own wind chimes. It’s easy and the result is lovely.

Thanks for coming by!
xoxo, Shannon