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I am a total baseball fanatic. I don’t have as much time to follow Major League Baseball as I did in my younger days, but I still get excited about Opening Day. Today, I’ll be working from my laptop in front of the TV, keeping track of the games, especially tonight’s Giants vs. Dodgers game. Tomorrow my beloved Cubs play. In celebration, here’s a cache of design inspired by one of my favorite days of the year!
Batter up! Shannon

1. Blue Ribbon sports print 2. pink Rockford Peaches jersey 3. vintage Padres hat 4. red locker 5. Caravan Folding Chair 6. baseball-inspired pink trainers 7. green satchel 8. baseball pennants 9. wire baskets 10. flag fabric by Whipstitch Fabrics 11. Crosley retro radio/CD player 12. red players bench 13. blue outdoor rug 14. pinstripe armchair