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Look what just came in the mail.

It’s a gorgeous Catherine Holm-inspired print by Jan Skácelík, a talented designer from the Czech Republic. I found it on etsy when searching for Catherine Holm treasures (post on CH designs to come…) and couldn’t pass it up.

I’m always attracted to prints on etsy. I visit the site almost every day, scouting out lovely things to show you, accumulating inspiration, and generally admiring all the genius.

Now, I admit, I am a follower of Regretsy and find great enjoyment in the snarky wit of Hellen Killer. But I’d say 80% of etsy sellers are more than worth their weight in art supplies and their work continually inspires me.

Graphic design prints and illustrations are some of my favorite items to search for on etsy. There are such a variety of artists and styles, suitable for pretty much any design scheme. Here are some of the prints I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling upon lately. I hope you enjoy them too! (Click the pics to visit the shops.)












I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. Whatta’ ya think?
xoxo, Shannon