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For years I have fantasized about having my own library. A whole room for my books, a cozy reading spot, and some fun artwork. Well, now I have one. After a lot of deliberation, the tall guy and I chose a room in our new home to dedicate to our ever-expanding book collection. (I have a little addiction.) We then outfitted it with shelves and decked the walls with a beautiful green color and some great artwork. A chess table and a few shelves filled with board games round out the feel of the room.

Don’t you love it when dreams come true?

When I was planning out (fussing over) our library, I found that looking at others’ was hugely helpful. So, here I provide you with some beautiful libraries that inspire me. Maybe they’ll inspire you too, if not in the book department, then in dedicating a room in your home to read, chill, and enjoy your precious free time.
Enjoy! (As always, click pics for sources.)
xoxo, S

pure elegance

But it need not be stuffy.

clean modern lines and bright colors

beautifully organized by color

Simple built-ins —
the books are the stars of the show here.

Here’s a great mix of modern and vintage/antique.

So. Cool.

How’s that for bookshelf excitement?

Isn’t this one cheerful?

Another dream — to someday own a Chesterfield.

a lovely boho approach

And another.

Rather make your books pull their weight
around the house?