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I know what you’re thinking. “Well, that’s just too easy, Shannon.” I know, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to express my love for Anne Hathaway. Especially after I heard this fantastic interview with NPR’s Fresh Air host Terry Gross, which Anne did last November, and which was recently re-aired.

I enjoyed Anne’s latest film Love and Other Drugs (2010) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006) will always be my favorite fashion movie. But I have to say my favorite of hers is Rachel Getting Married (2008). She’s wonderfully obnoxious as an alcoholic returning from rehab to attend her sister’s wedding. And the film has a glorious indie vibe. It was scored live. Here’s a good story about that.

It’s a long way from her usual all-American look, highlighted in films like The Princess Diaries (2001), which I also love.

clip11. sari fabric 2. gray tank 3. silver scarf 4. cardigan 5. Indian-style chandelier earrings 6. Bobbi Brown nude lip color 7. Loreal blonde highlight kit 8. green jersey dress 9. film soundtrack 10. embroidered skirt
photos via: EW, Hitch Died, BFI, MinnPost

Style-wise, Anne is mostly known for her Old Hollywood looks and her red carpet glamor.

garlandvia NY Post, Collider

She’s definitely matured through the years.

From this:

princessclipvia Variety, Disney

To this:

grownupclipfashionclip1. red satin one-shoulder dress 2. Promiscuous shoes 3. circle necklace 4. Lancome Color Fever lipstick 5. Volatile combat boots 6. OPI Black Onyx nail color 7. black fedora 8. black satin bustier       
photos via Fashion Design, Palzoo, Zimbio

I love all her looks — sedate, sassy, or scandalous.
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