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Instead of discussing a particular collecting style, I’m showcasing, for your pleasure (and mine!), ideas for displaying your collections. I’ve come across some really cool ones lately.

Like Lisa Congdon’s wall of plates.

Woven baskets on a wall.

Toys in the dining room.

Shelved seashells.

A grouping of guitars.

Vintage camera cabinet.

I collect glass like this too. Displaying it in front of a window plays with the light in the room. So lovely.

A collection of truly odd treasures.

Super cool retro clocks.

Fun hats.


Isn’t this a sweet collection of necklaces and mementos?

This photo and the two above are from a great “collections” flickr group hosted by decor8. There are over 1,800 photos and lots of great inspiration.

olivetti love

That reminds me. Lisa Congdon’s book based on her A Collection a Day blog was published in the last few months. Check it out here. The blog is worth a run through too — so many interesting things.

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