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So, I have a special treat for you. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome a very mysterious Internet personality to Gypsy Mind today.

She’s an art fanatic and a brilliant artist in her own right. She’s witty, beautiful (as far as we can tell from her “anonymous” photos), and talented.

If you’ve read the post title, you already know she’s none other than artist and blogger Danielle, aka, The Jealous Curator! I first encountered Danielle via her weekly posts at sfgirlbybay. Her blog has been a gateway for me into the world of contemporary art. She features artists whose work hits her right in the gut and leaves her thinking, “I wish I’d thought of that!” The art featured in this post is Danielle’s own art.

Thanks, Danielle, for spending some time with us!
xoxo, Shannon

How did you develop the concept for your blog?
I am an artist myself, and unfortunately, I was stopping my own work before it even started. Every time I came across another artist’s work that I loved, I’d feel inspired for about five minutes, and then totally crushed by jealousy, assuming that my work could never be that good.

I was so tired of feeling like this, and so I knew that it was time to turn this soul-crushing, totally negative feeling into something positive, and The Jealous Curator was born! In February of 2009 I began writing daily posts paying homage to all of the amazing artists that inspired/crushed me, and I haven’t looked back since. Oh, and by the way, it totally worked! Now I don’t feel depressed when I find great work—now I know I’ve got tomorrow’s post!

Blanche, Judi with an A

Name three things that inspire you…
Is it too obvious to say amazing artwork? Ok, well, other than that, I’d have to say other people who are living their dreams—bloggers, like Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, or Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay, who have turned their blogs into their careers. I want to do that! And without sounding too cheesy, I’m also totally inspired by the promise of what’s ahead of me. Curating shows in New York and Paris, or writing an art column for a magazine— yep, it’s thoughts like that that keep me totally motivated on a daily basis!

How would you best describe your aesthetic and that of the artists you feature on The Jealous Curator?
My taste definitely leans toward work that has a design influence (that probably has something to do with 13 years of designing logos!), but I absolutely love the mess and tactile feeling that comes from creating work by hand. I think my biggest categories are probably mixed media, ceramics, and textiles/fabric arts. I have a thing for found imagery/objects—throw a little embroidery in there and I’m yours forever!

Do people send you links to their art in hopes that you’ll feature it? If so, how do you evaluate the art and whether or not you’ll feature it?
Yes they do, every day actually, and I’m so flattered and grateful that they want to be featured on The Jealous Curator. This sounds so crazy, but my “evaluation” is basically this: Do I feel jealous? Do I wish I had thought of it? Yes? Ok, you’re in! I get lots of beautiful work sent my way that I don’t write about, because I really do wait for that “punched in the creative gut” feeling to come over me. Art is so subjective!

The Schnitzels, Hot Chutney and Bacon Fingers, Chopped Celery, Aperitif

You probably have lots of favorite artists, right? Would it be too difficult to name three you’re particularly in love with right now?
Ooh, that’s a tough one. The list really could go on forever, but let’s see, top three. Ben Skinner (the artist I just curated a show with in Washington, DC), Martha Rich (I think I’ve written about her at least seven times now), and an artist that I just found out about, Amy Joy Watson.

What are your other hobbies and interests?
As I mentioned above, I’m an artist myself, so I spend quite a bit of time in the studio. I also love roaming around in thrift shops looking for found imagery, and in craft stores picking out embroidery thread! It’s actually kind of sad how long I could spend doing that. Oh, and I’m also a long distance runner. I’ve done one full marathon, eight half marathons, and this summer I’m doing my first triathlon. Wish me luck!

Ok, you’re stranded on a desert island. Which five things can’t you live without?
A computer with WIFI, art supplies, coffee (but you better make it a frappuccino so I don’t overheat), a surf board (I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, so I might as well learn while stuck on the desert island), and of course, some really good sunscreen.

from “you were here” series

Check out The Jealous Curator blog for more about Danielle and to see some fantastic art. You can purchase her artwork via her etsy shop.

Thanks again, Danielle!