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I just discovered this interesting online shop, Museum of Useful Things. All of their products are organized by what you might need to do and how their stuff can help you do it. I appreciate that.

For example, I’ve got an art project going that begs the question, “How am I going to hang up this super-thin piece of plywood so it doesn’t fall over while I’m working on it?”

Well, duh.

Check out some of their other fun, helpful things.

row 1 (l to r): Hip Flask, Baker’s Twine, Pencil Dispenser, Pocket REF, Utility Pole Markers
row 2 (l to r): bushel canvas basket, Swim Locker Basket, Order Rail, Super Clips

It doesn’t hurt that the items are all photographed beautifully and they’re bringing a very industrial chic vibe. I love that Order Rail.

xoxo, Shannon