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Let me rephrase that – this post is about DIY projects for you to make for the kids. Was that any clearer? Anyway, these are some awesome projects I’ve come across that you can do with or without the kids, but definitely for the kids. I dunno though, I kind of want my own A-frame tent.

Learn how to make it at Grosgrain

And this one may not look beautiful to you,
but to a little boy (or girl!) who loves cars,
it’s a little slice of motor heaven.

Check out the Homemade Dashboard project at Ohdeedoh.

For the girlie girl, enter the t-shirt tunic.
T-shirt + vintage scarf = t-shirt tunic.

via Prudent Baby

And how ’bout this under-the-table fabric playhouse?

Another winner from Ohdeedoh.

If your kid is like mine, his/her bed is covered with little friends.
I know he’d love to add this one to his collection.

Learn to make it at Cut out + Keep.

You may not want your little one snuggling these though.
They’re made from Styrofoam balls.

Here’s the project.

You know I love mobiles.
This is a fun how-to from etsy.

How-Tuesday: Kid-Friendly Bird Mobile from Etsy on Vimeo.


Felt Food Tutorial

Lastly, homemade play dough. I’ve always wanted
to do this with the little guy, but haven’t yet.

via Cakies

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