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How could you not think of color when you think of Mexico? I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been there (yet), but I’ve seen enough tv, friends’ travel photos, and touristy artifacts to know that the country is rife with color. The blue-green of the Gulf (though these images are newly tinted with sadness), the brown desert, the green farmland, the pouf of the quinceañera skirt, the altars of Día de los Muertos. Today’s Colors of is all about traditional (vs. modern) Mexico.




1. Seniorita and Mariachi figures 2. Hand-Painted Headboard 3. Jonathan Alder Capri Table Lamp 4. Chevron Crochet Pillow 5. Mexican blanket 6. Balisto Acrylic Dining Chairs 7. Handmade Wooden Bird Cages 8. Handmade Bobble Head Turkey 9. Party Banner 10. Framed Otomi Tapestry 11. Cancun Escapade Necklace 12. Aida Coronado Boho Dress

pics via Emile Media, Home Design Fans, Lelo in NoPo


1. rustic ladder 2. Tin Wall Sconce 3. Rustic Pine Sideboard 4. Vanity Arch Mexican Mirror 5. Wood Wall Cross 6. Mexican Seashell Ornament 7. Terracotta Pitcher Set 8. Hand Woven Native Basket 9. Wooden Candle Holders 10. Cancun Framed Art Photo 11. Recycled Wooden Trunk Box

pics via Interior Decoration Site, IgoUgo