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I have been badly bitten by the travel bug, people. Badly. I think every other phrase out of my mouth is, ooooh, I want to go there, I want to see that! Well, it’s every other thought in my head at least.

The mini-trip to Shedd Aquarium last week was only the beginning of my summer escapades, thank goodness. I’m currently planning a trip with a friend (this is a fun game called Pick a City and Go There) and our family vacation is coming up. Plus, I’ll probably take the train to Chicago a few more times just because I can.

Meanwhile, I’m dreaming of possible getaways, new sights, sounds, and people.

Like these…
(Click pics and links for information and sources.)

How about a cottage in Southern France? Um, ok.

There’s always camping in Fiji.

Or a more Cosmopolitan experience in Hong Kong.

The 10 cent designer just blogged here about renting a teepee in southern Saskatchewan.

Might I also recommend cruising the Mediterranean in jaw-dropping luxury?

You could just skip down to the Ozarks (Arkansas) and check out the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge.

If you’re feeling especially brave, there’s The Old Mount Gambier Goal in south Australia.

I think it’s kinda’ cozy for a prison.

Which would you choose? I wouldn’t mind a stay in all of them, you know, just to test them all out and see which I like best.
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