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Hello! I’m back from vacation, which was fabulous, thanks for asking. We drove to a beautiful place near a beautiful lake and camped and looked at beautiful things.

The trip reminded me how important it is to grab hold of life and enjoy it (deadlines be damned). So, in deference to that point of view, I’ve culled a few images from the millions saved on my trusty camera, and I’ve paired them with some fun design inspiration.

Warning, these images may be alternately beautiful and hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Shannon

American buffalo at our local zoo, faux cowhide rug, animal-themed nursery, contemporary living room with faux animal rug

Clock in my grandmother’s living room, Heal’s Starburst Clock, mid-century look with shiny wallpaper, a dining room re-vamp

beautiful wildflowers growing on the dunes of Lake Michigan, assorted green vases, sweet pink and green room

local butterfly house, orange and gray butterfly wallpaper, Velvet Oval Chair from Period, white vignette, creative space with butterfly art

gorgeous lake view, coral linen pillow, Silver Branch Coral Knob, nautical  bedroom via Coastal Living, outdoor getaway also via Coastal Living