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I have a couple of half-hatched ideas for our living room at the Castle. But I’m having a hard time looking at the big picture. Does everything coordinate? What am I missing? And how in the world do I decorate around that green-tiled fireplace?

We have a very Victorian house. In the living room, no woodwork went un-scrolled around the fireplace. It’s very detailed and very pretty. The tile is beautiful shiny green with some muted yellow tones in it. I’m having trouble with this one, guys.

Tell me what you think of these ideas.

First, I fell in love with this global look. Global style is one of the places where the Big Guy and I can meet in the middle as far as design goes. Usually, his tastes are way too contemporary for me and mine are too feminine for him.

(I think I saw this at sfgirlbybay, but I’m sorry, I can’t remember. If I come across it again, I’ll put the link in.)

And I came up with this:

Sources: Seagrass ceiling light, Woods wallpaper, upholstery fabric, TV console, kilim pillow covers

Then, I saw this in Lonny and fell in love:

I thought that boho/antique look would mesh well with the style of the house. Plus I love images of Victorian nature and could picture glass cloches filled with pretty leaves or found birds’ nests decorating the mantle.

So I came up with this brief sketch of a room.

Sources: upholstery fabric, natural tiled rug, Victoria outdoor coffee table, glass cloche, Henkel Harris TV console

I’m not totally happy with either yet, and neither is fully fleshed out, but I’m gonna’ keep working on it. I think I like the first one better even though it’s less consistent with the style of the house. So that’s where I’m at with the Castle right now. Whatta’ ya think?