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For me, art is essential to interior design. The Castle didn’t feel like home to me until I put some favorite pieces up on the walls. Now I can live with the funky old wallpaper and the drab paint on the living room walls because I’m surrounded by lovely things.

When I choose art, it has to really hit me in the gut. I don’t buy anything unless I see it and think “Holy crap! That’s amazing!” You know what I mean?

Here are some of the pieces and prints I’m coveting right now.

To begin with, this Alexander Calder print.

I developed a special affection for Calder after reading a children’s book, The Calder Game, by fantastic author Blue Balliett. If you’re interested, start with the first book in the series, Chasing Vermeer.

And then there’s this little piece of irreverent awesome:

Created by designer William Dohman and sold in his etsy shop.

A Marimekko fabric with frame kit. Love this Ruutukaava design.

And the kit from Textile Arts makes it so easy to hang!

Speaking of textiles, how about this drawing–yes, drawing–by Ofra Lapid?

I’m happy just gazing at this Rothko print. It’s springy and gorgeous and makes me want to dance around in a field of green or something.

I’ll take any of these lovely embroidery pieces by Sometimes I Swirl.

  Last but not least, some sculpture. I usually prefer figures, but this is carved out of marble, people. Seriously. Wow.

It’s by Brazilian artist Valeska Soares and is for sale right now via 1st Dibs.

Now, share some of the art you covet with me. Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Shannon