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Happy Wednesday! Sharing another love with you today. What? Checkered floors are outdated you say? Au contraire. (Did I spell that right?)

Click pics for sources. And stay tuned for a fun round-up at the end.

Cork in the kitchen.

Oo, the color. Love.

Some red checks.
This would be alright for a shop –
I couldn’t live in all this cutesyness.

Bright colors for the kids.

Pretty neutrals with a chalkboard wall.

This is nice. How do you feel about the big ole plates?

And how about this Checkered World?
It comes in several colors, fyi.

And a lil round-up of fun things.

1. Bucket O Napkins 2. turquoise checked lunch plate 3. Red Check Swing Dress 4. Red Checker Blanket 5. Misfit Fiend Checker Shoe 6. Check Armchair 7. yellow checked rug 8. Checked Laundry Baskets

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, S