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I’ve been involved in some party planning lately and it’s putting me in the mood for a fun shin-dig. I always enjoy a good theme, but I never want it to feel too “themey” – does that make sense?

What do you think of these?

I realize I’m mixing my Asian countries here. Hope no one’s too offended.

Row 1: green take-out box, pink take-out box, decorative chopsticks
Row 2: paper lantern, White Plum dinnerware, Sake Bottle, Calla Lily and Bamboo Centerpiece
Row 3: Green Satin Tablecloth Overlay, Bentwood Dark Tray

Here’s a good one for an adult-friendly kids party or even a baby shower.

Row 1: Happy Birthday Banner, invitations 
Row 2: Sock Monkey Hat, Polka dot oilcloth fabric for tables, etc., Hanging Fanburst 
Row 3: Gray Cupcake Tower, Red/White Reversible Cupcake Wrappers, Original Sock Monkey 

This one’s tough to do without getting cheesy. It can easily be converted to a more kid-friendly version too (minus the breakables). 

Row 1: Knight Banner, Silver Serving Tray, Chocolate Hearts
Row 2: Black Goblets, Black Banquet Chair Cover, Cast Iron Cauldron
Row 3: Silver Tablecloth, Medieval candelabra, Maggie Beer Verjuice 

Ready to party?
xoxo, S