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Oh! Is it Thursday already?! I hope you’ll forgive the blogging break I took this week. I’ve started several new projects, plus yesterday was the little guy’s first day of school. I just haven’t had much brain space to work with.

So here’s a simple art-themed Because I like it post. Because even though I haven’t been blogging this week, I have been combing the Internet for treasures as usual. Click pics for sources.

Here are some Wonderland Paper Dolls from art.com.

Check these amazing leaf cuttings by Lorenzo Duran. Woah.

(via Playing With Books)

A graphic design (yup) masterpiece by Yellena James.

An impossibly small viking ship from Tiny World in a Bottle on etsy.

Illustration by Daniel Engeus

really freakin’ cool Mira Alibek sculpture

Lastly, I want this heart in my house.

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow (promise).
xoxo, S