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This is the sky here today. Awesome, right?

What a naughty blogger I’ve been. I do apologize to all my friends for being absent. I won’t offer excuses, but will simply say it is my goal to post every day from now on! Feel free to harrass me and hold me to that.

When I’m not blogging I miss it, I do.

Anyway, I’m back today with some super fun Fall-ish projects.

First off, the little guy and I collected some leaves at the park today–beauties in orange and yellow–and I’m going to press them. There’s a good how-to for that at About.com. And here, in true Martha fashion, are some pressed leaf place mats looking gorgeous beneath clear glass dishware. Click the pic for the tutorial.

Here is a felt necklace DIY from the Fiskars company blog, also leaf related. I think I’d make it long and use it as a garland. You?

If you’re feeling Halloween-ish already, here is a fantastical arrangement of bats from Made.


I’m into wreaths. This one is made of yarn and faux foliage. I think I’d use real dried foliage just for some extra prettiness, though this one is lovely too.

I’ve got the urge to decorate our mantle for fall. It’s usually got the same old stuff on and around it. We haven’t redone our living room yet and my focus has been on the rooms in the midst of remodel instead. I’d like to change the mantle decor with the season. Do you do that? I’d looove to recreate this:

More home style and fashion to come! Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Shannon