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Guess what. It’s somebody’s birthday tomorrow.

That’s the little guy. I can hardly believe how grown up he is. Pretty soon I’ll have to start referring to him as the medium-sized guy. Excuse my mom gushing for a moment but I am just so proud of him. He has become a boy of fine tastes (Bey Blades, ninja throwing stars, books, and camping included), a boy of intelligence, kindness, and easy temperament. He can be kind of moody like his mother, but he always comes back to home base, which is a place of happiness, energy, and a willingness to learn and be a part of whatever doins’ are going on around him.

On to the design portion of this post. In honor of the little/medium-sized birthday boy, I’m celebrating his favorite color on Gypsy Mind today.

Enjoy! And have a fantastic weekend. Thank you so much for dropping by!
xoxo, Shannon

clockwise from top left: Fossil Cab Bag, Charity Futsal Ball, First Prize Rosette, Seraphina Vases, Fruit Box – Blue fabric, Kids on Roof Mobile Home, Jonathan Adler Anchor pillow