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Not much about me says “hipster,” except my appreciation of Indie music and businesses. Also, I’ve been known to shamelessly peruse this site: Hel Looks (I mean, those outfits are fascinating–I want to interview all the people in those photos).

When I finally got around to thumbing through the Urban Outfitters Late Fall Catalog I was struck by the wear-ability of some of the extreme hipster-ish looks. Does that make sense? What I mean is, I looked at the clothes, clearly intended for model-thin blonds with a penchant for bustiers and Hammer pants, and thought, hey, I could wear that! (Nothing at all against you blondies out there!)

I usually love UO, so maybe this is no surprise to you. I guess I surprised myself by appreciating these looks.

Check it out.

Love the peach maxi-dress and kimono jacket on the left, plus the scarf and wedges on the right. Also, a rad letter jacket and little black dress. Sigh.

Bag, sweater, shades.

And, just so you’re aware, I want this bedroom…the whole thing.

Think I could get the Big Guy to wear that t-shirt? Yeah, you’re right…

What do you think of these looks?

xoxo, S