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No theme to this week’s Because I like it post. Just a happy jumble of fun things I thought you might appreciate as much as I do.

For example, I have fallen in love with this jacket. Faux fur, Native American print, nipped waist–as the little guy would say, where do I sign?

Found this gal on Lookbook. Such a delightful nerd look.

Sweater-y tights via Lulus

Retro holiday cards–makes me excited
to watch Rudolph.

A basket of yarn on the Yvestown blog

An interview with–be still my heart–the lovely Dottie Angel
on decor8.

Joy tree by Sania Pell

Audrey–ain’t she sweet?

I leave you with a nook of loveliness from Apartment Therapy.
Wouldn’t you enjoy reading a book on that sofa?

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, S