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Have you been to Houzz lately? I’m clearly a little late on the scene as I only discovered this cavern of inspiration a few months ago. Houzz is an interactive collection of “more than 200,000 photos” uploaded by design professionals. Members can create online Ideabooks to compile their favorites. And there are thousands of stories by designers and writers offering advice and tips using photos from the site as examples.

I love all the different styles, but you know I gravitate toward fun/funky. I just added these to my Ideabook (I only have one so far):

living room - portland, maine - wary meyers decorative arts eclectic
Art wall eclectic bedroom

Colorful stairs eclectic staircase

Ish & Chi: The studio eclectic home office

*  bedroom
Loft shots eclectic home office

curioussofa eclectic kitchen
Elegance & Decay eclectic bedroom

I adore those flashy green stairs in pic #3.

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