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Surprised to see me? I’m sort of surprised to be back. It’s been a challenging few months but also an exciting few months. I started a new part-time gig in December. My freelance writing business has picked up. I celebrated the holidays with my most favorite people in the world. And these things put together have resulted in my house going to hell cleanliness-wise (why is it so warm and why am I in this handbasket?) and serious blogger-ly neglect.

My absence has led to many kindly put questions, such as, “Where’s Gypsy Mind?” and “Are you still into decorating?” (?!) along with nice comments like, “I miss you!”

I do apologize to my friends who had become faithful readers before this blogging break. I hope, the Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise, I am back for good.

I’ll be honest here. I got a little bored. I’ve so enjoyed writing Gypsy Mind but even before my hiatus I had been mulling over how to expand the blog into something with serious staying power. Something that would continue to make my heart sing. The answer only came recently: make it more personal. After some hemming and hawing I’ve decided to adjust the focus of the blog to make it broader, more of a lifestyle blog.

But I don’t want to pinhole myself either. And I’m not going to make every post about my kid. What I am really interested in is exploring how people make beautiful, happy lives for themselves – how they make meaning. For me, design, the clothes I wear, the outer trappings as it were, fit into that. But they’re not the whole story. And, frankly, I want it all. The beauty, the joy, the music, the connection. And I hope Gypsy Mind will be a place for us all to get sappy and discuss the stuff of the human experience. Bottom line: you’ll see some new things here.

That said, let’s look at some cool stuff. Because cool stuff is inspiring.

To celebrate my return to the blogger life, I offer you the following Because I Like It: Muted Blue Rooms.

Click pics for sources.

Ok, that last one was kind of a cheat because the piano clearly stole the show. But I couldn’t resist.

 xoxo, Shannon