Have you heard of Mighty Girl? She’s one of the princesses of the blogosphere and infuses her posts with her wicked sense of humor which I love. Several months ago I was inspired to create a Life List, based on her Mighty Life List. I love the concept of a Life List as opposed to a Bucket List because even though they’re basically the same idea, I feel like the word “Life” is a little kinder or more optimistic. Or something.

Anyway, I’ve posted my Life List as a page on Gypsy Mind. It’s a reminder to me that I aim to do all this great, brave stuff. And there’s no time like the present. When you read the list, you may think to yourself, “Wow, this girl is seriously sheltered. Never flown on her own before?!” Nope, I haven’t. But it’s something I want to change. And I am starting by revealing to all you nice people my hitherto somewhat sheltered existence. I guess that’s the first brave step.

So do me a solid and share your hopes and dreams too, k?

Also note that some of my entries are shameless copies of Mighty Girl’s own aspirations. (She has such bloody great ideas!)

Love and sequined bikinis (read the list),