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This is a style running rampant on the wedding blogs of late. And I’m so glad it is. The Big Guy and I both love our hikes and camping trips and while our wedding won’t be as outdoorsy (mostly because of the expected late July heat), it will contain a few more earthy elements.

If you love woodsy weddings, check out the UP wedding featured on Ruffled (that’s where the above pic comes from). Ohmigosh, it’s just gorgeous. The UP is one of my favorite places in the world. Each year when planning our vacation, we try to go someplace new, but we always start with the question, “Should we go back to the UP?”

  xoxo, Shannon

Clockwise from top left: Tree Slice Guest Book, Woodland Owl Necklace, Wood Heart accessory, Wildflower Bouquet, Birch Bark Candle Holders, heart paper bunting, Twig Pens, Love Birds cake topper, Carved Initials Save-the-Date magnet, Orange Blossom hair wreath, Manzanita Branches, Burlap fabric