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So, I got a couple of emails this week (thank you, Jen and Margaret) sweetly asking for the deets on this wreath. I’ll tell you a secret: it’s for the wedding…shhh.

It was exceedingly easy to put together and I shall give you a brief tutorial, which is really a recap of me using someone else’s tutorial and harnessing the power of the glue gun.

Ahem, here we go.

-a straw wreath I found at a thrift store (also available here and in craft stores all over everywhere)
-black satin ribbon
-a thrifted paperback edition of Little Women (It about killed me ripping those pages out, but I have my mom’s 1955 edition with which to console myself.)
-the aforementioned glue gun and some glue sticks
pearl top corsage pins (who doesn’t have those lying around?)

Step 1:
Rip out three book pages. (Dry tears before moving to next step.)
Step 2:
Pop over to La Belle Bride for the specifics on paper pinwheel crafting. (I messed around with the ideas, cutting the paper differently and ended up with three different sizes of pinwheel, which I think is pretty fun.) Mine are not in any way as expertly executed as La Belle Bride’s, but I’m okay with that – I’m not too fussy.

Step 3:
Arrange pinwheels on wreath form and secure with hot glue.
Step 4:
Push corsage pins into centers of pinwheels in whatever fashion you like.
Step 5:
Hang your wreath. You may want to leave the ribbon off if your wreath is going right up on a wall. Mine has to hang from the ceiling of my wedding venue so I looped a long length of black satin ribbon through the wreath. I secured it to the front and the back of the wreath form with my trusty hot glue and then glued the two ends together at the top (lightly, too much hot glue and it melts the ribbon).

So there you have it. Easy enough to make with a Bacardi and Diet Coke on the coffee table next to you. Thanks for asking!

xoxo, Shannon