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via the incredible Soule Mama

So I’ve been thinking lately about how much of my life is filled with to-dos and logistics. It seems every day is a list of tasks to be ticked off and, as the Big Guy can attest, that often makes me cranky.

And, really, I shouldn’t complain so much (but there are many dishes to dooooo, and laundry to foooold, wah…).

It’s all in your perspective. Big picture: I have a wonderful son, a loving fiance, a family that cares about me, a good job, a wedding on the horizon, and I just ordered some killer dresses online. Small picture: I’m tired and kinda’ bored and could mop the kitchen floor every day without it ever being truly clean. The little picture often overwhelms the big one.

That’s why I thought I could use something to help me savor those “little things” happy people are always yammering about.

Something focused and simple, like making rock animals with the Little Guy. (My porcupine came out kind of wonky, I know.)

Or snipping lilacs from the side yard
and putting them in a sweet little vase.

And reading books that remind me that in order to see the big picture, I just need to take a step back.

Simplicity Parenting, The Creative Family, Dinner: A Love Story,
Make Hey! While the Sun Shines

Also, I find if I’m feeling blah lots of naps and walks help. Pinterest isn’t bad therapy either.

xoxo, Shannon