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My brother got a letter in the mail last week. I love that. I used to have several pen pals including a friend I met at summer camp, her best friend, and a girl from New Zealand–I can’t remember how I met her. My Grandma was among the most faithful of my pen pals and when I got older and fell in love, as only a 16-year-old does, I traded letters with my boyfriend though he only lived across town.

Funny, that best friend of my summer camp friend–we only met through letters. We got to know each other on the page and delighted in sending each other stickers, candy, and handmade postcards or letters sent in envelopes we crafted from magazine pages and wrapping paper. She’s a talented artist and I’ve saved every drawing and painting she ever sent.

I miss letter writing. A few years ago, this friend and I decided to start trading letters again and each faithfully sent one. Then we emailed, then texted, and even had a couple of phone conversations. I think I’ll write her a letter now.

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Happy Friday!

xoxo, Shannon