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It seems there is one rule of thumb when styling a vignette: anything goes. It’s true and not true, I’ve found. Sort of like art – you know when it’s good, you know when it’s bad.

My own personal guidelines are as follows:


Tell a story. What do you love? Where have you been? These are the little corners of the home that tell visitors who lives there.
Start with a defined area. Buffet and dresser tops, trays, mantels, the wall above a desk–all these are surfaces with set dimensions that will help determine the scope of your vignette.
-Flowers are good.
Throw in something unexpected. Example: Two bud vases on a Lucite tray with some books and a miniature elephant you brought home from your Easterly travels. Or, display your tin toy collection against a background of small paintings and postcards (see image one).

Like I said, anything goes…or doesn’t.

p.s. Click pics for sources.

xoxo, Shannon