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I am totally obsessed with needle art right now and stumbled upon this book in the needlework section of my local library (that place of wonders…Every time I go, surprises abound.).

This is a wonderful, image-filled book by Leanne Prain, a needle artist herself. It contains interviews with all the artists featured. They talk about their work, why they make what they make, and how they got started with needle work.

Featured above: Mary M. Maszziotti (this piece isn’t in the book, but you can view it and other pieces in the series on the Hoopla blog), Octopus and Anemones by Kirsten Chursinoff (featured in the book), One Mutant to Another by Cate Anevski, a pattern for which is included in the book, and Stitched Secret Garden cover by Jill Tamaki.

People are so amazingly talented.

xoxo, Shannon