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Hey there! How is your week going? Mine’s been good though I find I’m a bit too busy and my head is filled with minutae. What’s that about? I think I may need a heavy dose of nature. A walk in the woods. A project…..

Aren’t these fun? I didn’t know what they were at first. They are, in fact, water-tight upcycled plastic bag containers. That was a mouthful. Check ’em out on Supercyclers and make some yourself. Then send pictures!

Appropos of nothing, Art and Ghosts keeps blowing my mind.

Also, I’m gonna’ ask the very talented Nicole over at Making It Lovely if I can come eat barbeque at her awesomely retro table.

Is this little boy’s room not flippin’ amazing? I caught it on Decor8. It was first featured on MILK. You’ll love the rest of the home.  

I love this retro page in the latest Urban Outfitters catalogue.

And those are a few of the many things I like today.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

xoxo, Shannon