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Sometimes I like to make something that has nothing to do with my wedding. And thanks to an early wedding present, a super-nice Swingline paper cutter, from my Uncle Scott and Aunt Michelle, I felt a burst of inspiration this afternoon. Also thanks to Soule Mama and her book Handmade Home. In it she writes a tutorial for making a field notebook using sheets of colorful paper mixed with blank sheets, small enough for a little one to carry in a pocket or satchel and record bits of nature on the go.

My little guy has plenty of opportunities for observations at hand. Luckily, I had a stack of Anthropologie wallpaper samples in my possession just waiting for the right project.

This one is simple.

I cut blank cardstock and several sheets of colorful papers to the size of the wallpaper samples. Then, I punched holes in the margins of all the sheets.

I cut an old hanging file–of just the right dingy color for a field notebook–to about 1/2 inches larger on all sides than the papers. I figured the file would give the book a little stability. And I kept the crease of the folder in tact rather than cutting it so that the backing for the book would be one sturdy-ish piece.

I then strung the pages and file together with hemp cord. Soule Mama suggests professional binding at a print shop and I admit that would be a more solid option, but honestly, I wasn’t really feeling an outing this afternoon. (I wanted to finish the project before the Little Guy got home.)

Add a little cover art and there ya’ go.

Simple enough for me and for the kids–so they can totally make their own.

xoxo, Shannon