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So, I had a baby and ten years later, after many trips to Goodwill (to donate!) and lots of pruning over the years, this guy still has a lot of stuff in his room. And the library. And the living room. I blame our loving family and friends. They dote on him, for which I am ever so grateful.

I don’t think I’ll ever really organize all his belongings–they are so diverse, as are any imaginative, middle class child’s. He has toys, of course, models, collections, hundreds of books (my fault probably), school projects, and eloctronics.

His bff Matthew inspired me to create what we call the Little Guy’s “BORS box.” BORS=Box of Random Stuff (but we still add “box” to the title for some reason). It’s a sturdy shoebox filled with random stuff–marbles, a couple combination locks, some spy gear, a rare coin or two, you know, the usual.

Aside from that, the LG is responsible for cleaning his room once a week on Sundays and though there is a place for everything, I’m not too concerned with making sure everything is in its place. Nearby usually does for me.

Anywho, here is some inspiration from people who might have succeeded a bit more at taming the choas.

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xoxo, Shannon