I couldn’t wait to show you this! My dear and lovely BFF executed a most wonderful bridal shower for me this past Sunday. She’s my maid of honor (my “MoH”) and a very special person–loving, kind, talented, creative–pretty much everything you’d want in a best friend.

She hosted the festivities in her home, the brave soul. She and her mom and my mom and my mom’s cousins made tons of treats. My beautiful little sister helped too. This is what people do when they love you.  I was reminded of that this weekend.

They make your favorite dessert (even if it’s as time consuming as red velvet cake balls dipped in white chocolate) and they use the extra chocolate to make cameos. Such talent! (I have it on good authority that my MoH’s dear mama cooked for three days…I love that woman.)

They bake four kinds of quiche (yep, four), create a frost-your-own cupcake bar with roughly 7,000 different kinds of sprinkles, and set out a buffet with little labels that match the decor of your party. They pay attention to detail because they know how much you love little touches like that.

They buy cheerful flowers and arrange them in your reception vases on top of vintage books. They know you adore books. (I wish I’d gotten a better pic of these!)

Good friends and people who’ve loved you since you were a little crying thing in a blanket gather ’round. Some drive from really far away. They play games and ask about your wedding and give you presents.

(Hey! There I am with my MoH – isn’t she a doll? And there I am opening presents in my most diva-ish accessory.)

Afterwards, when you’re home, sitting on the couch staring at a giant pile of loot, each gift bigger than the next, you realize that all those people gathered because of you. They came because they just wanted to be happy with you. They wanted to share it. That just fills up my heart.

So, my dear MoH gave them all presents too. Food was shared with anyone who’d take it home and no one left empty-handed. I must have given a thousand hugs.

You will excuse my sappiness, won’t you? If you’ve ever had a bridal shower, you probably know how I feel right now. One of my cousins gave me a card that says, “Happy Happy bride time!” That’s about where I am right now.

Stay tuned for the next Wedding Wednesday. I’ll showcase some of my two, count ’em two, bachelorette parties. (Aren’t I spoiled?)

xoxo, Shannon