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For the past three weeks, when I haven’t been working, mothering, or wedding planning, I’ve been very busy doing this:

You can find me on the porch with my nose shoved in one of these, muttering  “No way,” or “Woooow…” and biting my nails. Luckily, most of my neighbors are intellectuals so when they happen to pass by during one of these episodes they take it in stride.

I haven’t seen any of the films so don’t tell me! I want to read all the books first. This is a collection my future mother-in-law gave me for my birthday. Aside from being kick-ass stories, these books are pretty. The design is totally Swedish, colors included.

Millennium Trilogy, hornet brooch, dragon tunnel earrings, motorcycle-style boots, movie poster

Have you read them? What do you think?

xoxo, Shannon