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We are lucky enough to live right up the street from a great park which, every year, hosts a local art fair. Well, it’s mostly local but this year I noticed vendors from such faraway lands as Arizona and Ohio. Wow.

We found some good stuff.

These sweet little pots tempted me.

I loved the pottery and glass lanterns in so many pretty colors.

That image of the two bowl-y looking pieces of pottery is apparently a style of raku where, as my neighbor explained it, “they put a bunch of shit in a bowl–leaves, sticks, whatever–and fire it.”

There were some lovely oil paintings.

 It’s cool when the artist puts out the pallette they used.

Oh! Look what the Little Guy found.

He’s pretty artsy, but he mainly goes for the elephant ears. I like to think he’s soaking in the atmosphere too.

While we’re art fair-ing, I’d just like to point you to this one, which the Tall Guy and I stumbled upon last year while in Chicago for a concert. It’s good. You’d like it.

xoxo, Shannon