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Isn’t it fun when all you have to do is make a wish aloud to have it come true? A few weeks ago the Tall Guy, a soccer buff and former player, and I, not a soccer buff by any stretch, were hanging out on the couch watching some soccer. (He was watching. I was half-watching and embroidering.) I found myself getting kind of into the game and mentioned that I’d like to go to a professional soccer game and wouldn’t that be fun? Yes, he said, that would be fun. I recalled that one of my Life List entries is to be a spectator at ten sports matches/games.

Several days later the Tall Guy emailed me at work to say he had a chance to put in for some tickets to a Chicago Fire game on Father’s Day. Did I want in? Hell yes! Thus, last Sunday, we joined a vendor-sponsored bus trip to Chicago–my boys and me and some friends, the Tall Guy’s co-workers.

We sat in a sky box, ate some great food, splurged at the dessert cart (yep, they bring a dessert cart around–I knew I liked soccer players), and got down to field level for some photo ops.

It so happened that the previous day, the Tall Guy facilitated the fulfillment of another Life List goal: Aquire a DSLR camera and learn to use it. That brilliant man and I headed to a local camera shop where he forked over the funding for such a camera. (I have been showering him with an unreasonable amount of affection ever since.) I’m still working on the “learn to use it” part (getting lots of good tips here).

Thus, I was able to capture one Life List memory through the power of another. I feel so grateful (I’m lookin’ at you, Universe).

Part of our soccer extravaganza included a visit with defender Austin Berry. And the Little Guy hung out with Sparky too. (Get it? Fire…Sparky…yeah.)

You may be wondering–what’s the big deal about sports events? And if you know me really well, you’re probably like, “What gives?” True, I’m usually only good for Notre Dame games and Cubs on TV, and some mixed martial arts due to the Tall Guy’s interest. I don’t play sports either.

But I love attending professional matches. The stakes feel high and the athletes are the best–that’s why they do it for a living. The atmosphere holds a lot of energy and there is usually some kind of partying involved. (You know I’m always down for a party.) Also, I want the Little Guy to see as much of life as possible, especially the fun stuff. So, that’s why.

What about you? How’s your Life List coming along?

xoxo, Shannon