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gorgeous photo from Grey Likes Weddings

(I know, it’s Thursday. I had the most scattered day yesterday so didn’t get to post…here’s what I intended to post, a bit tardy.)

It seems as though wedding bloggers don’t get offered book deals as often as other design bloggers. I follow several wedding blogs that are just ripe with material for a good how-to-craft-an-awesome-wedding-that-will-knocks-your-family’s-socks-off book. (That’s what I would call my wedding book.)

Say, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, and Grey Likes Weddings. These are seriously talented people who’ve devoted themselves to helping us express our devotion to our loved ones (and also throw a kickass party). They have devoted readers too.

The point is, if any of these folks wrote a book, I’d snap it up and read it, even if it was released after my wedding.

For now, I’ve satisfied myself by coming the interwebs for some lovely wedding thomes. I have not read any of these, but guess they might be worth checking out. Let me know if you’ve read them – I will be on my own hunt for inspiration until July 28th…(Yep, right up to the actual day because that’s just the kind of matrimonial maniac I am.)

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xoxo, Shannon