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I just got some awesome new bedding at my bridal shower, including this subtle medallion comforter set from Target. It’s no boho paradise, but that place definitely comes through with the stuff we need. Anywho, this marvellous gift got me thinking, again, about the design in our bedroom. I’m partial to the layered look (I wrote about it over at LAKES Living back in April). What do you think?

Le Maison Boheme

Moon to Moon

another Moon to Moon

Small Rooms

Bohemian Homes

What I’ve learned:
1 – Layer subtle patterns with bolder patterns for a textured, but not overwhelming, look.
2 – Arrange pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes in coordinating (not matching) colors.
3 – Go bold with color choices. Or don’t. Bold is more gypsy, subtle colors (like the gray-blue-y beds featured on Moon to Moon) will create a lighter, breezier feeling space. (There’s probably some design lingo for this which I am shamelessly neglecting.) Heavy or light, but always cozy. 
4 – Weathered wood is good.
5 – Place your bed in the captain’s position (as they say in Feng Shui), the spot in the room from which you, in bed, can see the entire room.
6 – “Frame” your bed with a fabric backdrop, canopy, mosquito netting, between two windows, or singular wall in the room (e.g. the only brick wall, or a wall painted a different color). 
7 – Faux furs are also good.

Above all, the boho bed look is casual but coordinated, a mixture of texture and color, with a statement–either made in the choice of bedding, style of bed, or color, etc.

What do you think? If you have any boho bed tips, share! I’m still working on my bedroom design….

xoxo, Shannon