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I can’t wait to be able to sew like a boss. I got a sewing machine for my shower and am so excited to learn how to sew up dresses, shorts, tops, the works. I have a fabric fetish and have been known to prowl the fabric store in a daze for a time before coming to and remembering what I came to buy. Then I buy four more things. Right now I love the idea of using prints aimed toward more adult tastes for children’s clothes. I think a nice Ikea fabric can give a little pair of overalls a modern twist.

Here’s what I’ve been mulling over.

minty chevron fabric from Sew Mama Sew or a floral cotton poplin from Fabric.com for Pattern Review overalls pattern

Simpatico Organic geometric print for a boys button-up shirt

bright stripes for a Figgy Patterns flared skirt or pair of shorts featured on Grosgrain (which is an awesome site, by the way)

Ikea fabric for a flowy tank and a beautiful voile print for a Purl Bee sundress pattern

I think the sundress and overalls are my favorites.

Whatta’ you think?

xoxo, Shannon